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You Are Disabled You Are Disabled

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I like my flash games like I like my Social Justice Warrior propaganda, repetitive and aggravating.

The subtly of your message was well conveyed in the innumerable ear-rapes of the death sound, "BKKKZT!". I mustn't ever forget the complete incapacitation of the mildly disabled, always seconds away from a loud, sudden, and nearly unavoidable demise. Oh wait, are you forgetting that disabled people are completely infantile in their dependence? CHECK YOUR PRIV- uh, I mean, BKKKZZT! BKKKZZT! BKKKZZT! BKKKZZT!

Frustration is definitely the hallmark of this title. Actually, to the point of where it overshadows the larger message of the work. This is especially the case where the able-bodied (oops, is using that phrase ableist?) illiterate isn't able to navigate the "9-beats" segment with any appreciable ease. Perhaps if I wanted to paint a picture where the primary color was red, I would neglect to use any other color or difference in darkness, so that whatever I was trying to depict is hidden in the solid crimson canvas.

While I must commend you for laying the rape hysteria on thick (because the to hell with subtly, right?), you obscured the wizards faces. I wanted to see their pale, white, racist faces housing fangs dripping with male cis-privilege.

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